Sunday, June 30, 2013

Candles and the Correlation to Life

I'm the kind of person who gets a candle and lights it. While I acknowledge this is the purpose of most candles in the world, in my life I know plenty of people who wouldn't light their candles. Many of us purchase items and consequentially begin the process of waiting for the "perfect time" to use said item. While I'm not suggesting you blow your college funds on a Birkin or rip the price tags off uber-trendy crop tops you bought without trying on, I believe many of us are perpetually waiting for that pinnacle moment where the stars align. To some of us, that is burning the $30 candle at a dinner party, but to others, the flawless moment never strikes. While part of the problem boils down to the aspect of monetary means, letting paper and coins serve as a barrier to happiness is nothing more than a rotten cycle of anxiety. I say this because I know. I once feared nearing the end of the wick for the sheer realization that I'd have to buy another, and couldn't fathom wasting the candle on a moment alone. In this way, I was a complete product of my millennial generation. You know what I'm getting at: feeling as if the moment didn't count unless it was documented by social media. Luckily I don't determine how successful my night was by the number of likes my photos consequentially receive.

There's holding off on our wants for pragmatic reasons; and then there's letting precious moments slip away. Waiting for a better moment to commence is nothing more than an exercise in futility. It's hard to rationalize saving something for a special occasion when you come to the conclusion that each day of your life is a special occasion.

So pop that 99’ bottle of Dom, pick the periwinkle hydrangeas, and let the expensive candles burn all night. Life’s a celebration, I’ll meet you on the dance floor. 

“Be aware of the difference between anticipating and living. Joy is rooted in the present”


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sorority Girl to PR Girl

When I was interviewing for my summer internships this past December, I remember being asked a rather peculiar question. 
"So, why do all of you Southern sorority girls come up to NYC for PR?" 
Although I was taken aback at being labeled so quickly, the words "Charleston" and "Alpha Delta Pi" on my resume don't really prove otherwise for a typical girly-girl hailing from the other side of the Mason-Dixon. After trying to keep a smile amidst the perplexing question, I came to two conclusions:

1) Our generation grew up on "The Hills" and "The City", what do you expect?
2) We have already acquired so many of the necessary elements to make a fabulous PR girl 

So what exactly are these skills of ours that I'm oohing and ahhing over you might ask?


Management skills are key to being successful in PR. As part of a sorority, you learn how to manage time; between taking classes, doing homework, working, and attending greek functions, its clear you’ve got a jam packed Lilly Pulitzer planner. After learning how to manage your own time, you learn how to manage people by holding a chair/exec board position. The added pressure of bringing in fresh and creative ideas to your position is time consuming no doubt, so by learning how to manage yourself and your team, you are setting yourself up for a great future. In addition, management comes into play even without a position as you mentor a new pledge class each year. 

 Internal and external communication 

Yes, you communicate and build relationships with every girl in your sorority, however, it’s also about maintaining a close rapport with other Greeks on campus, your Greek advisor and your national headquarters. As the Public Relations Chair of Alpha Delta Pi, Zeta Sigma Chapter, I was able to use internal communication (such as ListServ) and external communication in the form of press releases to the local Charleston papers, in addition to national’s bi-annual magazine, The Adelphean. The value of communication and what is meant to be kept internally and what needs to be shared externally is a lesson well learned.

Public Speaking

 Standing up in front of a room with 100+ girls on a weekly basis is sure to shake the public speaking nerves right out of anyone. Whether it be for a philanthropy event, outside club we spearhead, or details of a mixer, we can all remember our first, “Sister President and Sisters...”.  In public relations, this isn’t just a learning experience for making presentations to your colleagues and clients, it’s also about being able to cold call and pitch without letting your nerves get the best of you. 


Lucky you, sorority girl, you’ve already got an amazing wardrobe which makes the transition from ADPI to ABPR easier. While you won't be wearing those "Handymen and Housewives" ensembles, chapter attire transitions seamlessly to offices in any city. A few key items: blazers (white for spring/summer, navy for fall/winter), J.Crew pixie pants (in any and every color!), and comfortable heels. 

Side note: shout out to J.S. for my skirt XO

"You find out who you are by figuring out who and what you're not."- Kelly Cutrone


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Pretend You Have It All Together Pt. 1

While no two days are alike in the world of PR, I can't help but crave structure. For that, I rely on my planner, notebook, and iPad. While no #NYCPRGirl can live without her iPhone (and in many cases, a blackberry as well) I find that for organizing it's much easier to divide things up instead of overloading my phone. My planner keeps track of big-ticket items such as meetings, events, and appointments. During the academic year, it's filled with different colors (pink highlighter = coming up, yellow = today, green= social) but for summertime I tend to have less pressing matters to attend to. My notebook on the other hand I use primarily for work related tasks that I simultaneously strike through upon competition.When it comes to my iPad, I use it mainly for its applications and syncing abilities. 

Calendar App: fuses and updates my Gmail, iPhone, and iPad calendars.

FoodJournal: helps me keep track of exactly what I'm eating and provides great recipes and grocery lists.

Embark NYC: saves my life everyday. Seriously. I have it on the iPhone as well, but it's a great way to see what subways I need to take when I'm dropping off anything from garment bags to bottles of bubbly. Also doesn't make me look like a tourist walking around with my phone in front of my face trying to find the blue dot.

HootSuite: a must have for anyone working in social media. Allows me to keep track of each of my outlets, (FB, Twitter, Insta) with the added bonus that I can use all of the accounts I manage (PR for my sorority, Lilly Pulitzer, SCCollegeDems) just from one app! 

Of course this is all personal preference, and I know plenty of people who rely primarily on their iPhones for all of this and more; but I love the feeling of physically crossing something off my to-do list instead of merely tapping delete.

How do you stay organized with a heavy workload? Any tips or tricks?

"Fake it till you make it." 


Monday, June 24, 2013

Know Thy Style

It's gonna be a long one..

First of all, for anyone that has been keeping up with this blog I apologize for the sporadic posts. I've come to the conclusion that bloggers must have IV's of coffee at all times since there are frankly not enough hours in the day to keep up with such a hectic work schedule + retelling everyone about it. But I regress, I'm going to try my best to keep up with regular posting. 

One question I've gotten a lot since being in NYC is, "what do you wear to work?" and while no one can tell you what to expect on your first day, there are definitely a few key pieces that help make the jump from sorority girl to working girl. 

In a recent NY Daily News article featuring PR maven, Alison Brod, she explains that today's interns rarely know how to transition to work attire. Brod explains, "College-aged kids only know extremes- it's either a suit or what they'd wear to the club. What you wear in a club at night is not appropriate for working in an office." she said. "They just don't know what's appropriate for a client meeting. In their day-to-day, they think flip-flops and a shirt are okay."

While I can easily say I'd never dream of wearing flip-flops to a formal office, Brod is spot on. A few months ago, I was interviewing a potential intern with my boss at Darkness to Light, Erika. When the interviewee arrived she was dressed in what appeared to be a sheer beach cover up and strappy sandals. To. An. Interview. To an interview?! That's absurd. While you might be nervous about your first day blending in with the other employees, the interview look is a no-fuss, classic look. People write books about this stuff. Google it. 

Understanding your office's culture is the first part in understanding the boundaries of what to wear. At Goldman Sachs you'd be asked to leave for wearing Rag & Bone leather shorts, while at my office you'd be complimented on the choice. You essentially have to understand your company's culture. One of my favorite quotes by Mae West is, "it's better to be looked over than overlooked." While that is not the case with attire at law firms, it definitely is in fashion. That's why you'll see purple Chanel booties, calf skin jackets, beaded mirrored blazers, and platform pumps all in the same day. 

The best fashion advice I've ever been given was by my own momma who always reminds me to dress like a less expensive version of the boss. When I met Linda after my interview I made sure to note her head-to-toe black look. So on my first day I did the same. A month and a half later I've figured out how to blend my own sense of style while staying inside the boundaries of LGC. 

Know thy office. 

While I would never recommend shorts in a business-like setting, in the world of fashion PR: they work. Even Alison Brod agrees that, "I'd like to say no to shorts, but in the end, if someone looks terrific, I'm not going to stop them." Eager to try shorts at the office? Do it wisely. Above I am wearing shorts with a fitted blazer and heels which dress the look up. So although this combo strays away from the all black that I have explained previously, it is the combination of knowing your style and knowing your office that allow you to know what to wear. 

Above: Banana Republic white blazer, J.Crew white tank, H&M gold python shorts, Ray Ban aviators, Michael Kors two-tone watch and bangle set. 

Your Style + Your Office Culture = What to Wear

Eager to try a trend at your workplace but not sure how it will be received? Start off slow, for example try the nude nail trend or jodhpur pants and wait for the compliments to roll in. Here at LGC my fellow interns and I have dubbed every Tuesday, "Trendy Tuesday". Stay tuned for what we choose tomorrow! 

"How you dress tells the rest of the world how you'd like to be treated"- Clinton Kelly 


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bucket Lists

I write everything down. Whether it's what I have to do that day or what items I want to save up for next, or even career influencers or plans I have years down the line. One thing that I haven't taken as much time to explore is the concept of the bucket list. In theory, I love the idea of having a list of wants and trying to get them all accomplished. I feel that if it's crossed out, I can actually see how I have spent my time. I'll keep small ones here and there, but since the summer is such a long span of time, I feel like this is a perfect place to keep an ongoing list! 

For my NYC list so far I have:

-Walk the High Line 
-Visit Chelsea Market
-Eat NY Style Pizza
-Watch a movie in Bryant Park
-Visit Ground Zero
-Visit the 86th floor of the Empire State Building (where Chuck waited for Blair..duh)
-Go up to the top of the Statue of Liberty 
-Re-visit Ellis Island
-Eat at Madison Square Eats
-Shop in SoHo
-Have lunch at the Plaza Hotel like Eloise
-Attend a live show 
-Go on the Paddle Boats at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park 
-Run in Central Park
-Visit Top of The Rock
-Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
-Staten Island Ferry 
-Visit a NYC Comedy Club be continued 

"I'm not sure what I'll do, but — well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale." -F. Scott Fitzgerald 



Side note: this was posted on Sat.

Happy FRIDAY y'all! This week certainly flew by and the added perk that I don't work on Friday's makes it that much sweeter. Rolling out of bed at 9 feels oh so right when the idea of work seems far off in the misty horizon. My plans for this weekend: start checking off some things from my bucket list, relax, read, start a cleanse, and catch up with friends. First up: the High Line. A 1-mile long old railroad turned abandoned rusty wasteland turned eclectic outdoor garden above NYC's Chelsea neighborhood.  Then, exploring the Chelsea Market, where all of the Food Network shows are filmed. Rounding up the evening, I'll be meeting some fellow interns for drinks at The Park

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you going all out, or taking some much needed "me-time"?

“Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring right you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.”
- Sex & The City


TB Pre-Fall Roundup

In the fashion world, seasons tend to confuse people. There's Resort (which is sometimes referred to as Cruise), Pre-Fall, Fall, Spring/Summer and at this point most people's heads start to spin. Where's a girl to draw the line? 

This seems to be the most comprehensive way to look at it, month by month: 

S/S Haute Couture Shows in Paris

S/S Ready-To-Wear collections in store

A/W Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris

Heads down, design caps on.

Pre-Fall collections in store

Resort/Cruise collection showings

A/W Haute Couture Shows in Paris

A/W Ready-To-Wear collections in store

S/S Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris

All quiet on the fashion front! Preparing for the next collection.

Resort/Cruise collections in store

Pre-Fall collection showings

It's pretty crazy that last month the Pre-Fall collections went into stores, considering it is hot as hell outside and we've just gotten into the heart of summer. At this rate, the thought of strutting around in fur and boots makes me feel a little ill at the assumed onset on hyperthermia. With that being said, I still have a few items that I simply can't live with out from Tory Burch's Pre-Fall/Fall Collection:

1) Mae Bootie in Almond

Like what? This is the coolest boot, ever. The studded logo gives it the quintessential motorcycle flair but the elongated front is incredibly chic. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die. 

2) Thea Smart Phone Wristlet in Royal Ocean

Absolutely perfect for any college girl, the Thea Wristlet is a simple alternative to a dark leather Fall bag. Essential for nights out, the wristlet has a spot for cash, cards, and most importantly: iPhones. The Royal Ocean color is intense but with all of the subdued colors of fall, we all need a little pop. 

3) Neon Snake Crossbody in Energy Pink

Although this is from the Spring Collection, I cannot get over this bag. I've lovingly gazed at it in store at least a dozen times but can't bring myself to cough up the hefty $295. The image below doesn't do this color justice, this bag glows. And although it comes in equally bright shades of flash yellow and sunrise orange, let's be realistic with this bag: go hard or go home.

What are your can't-live-without's for Fall? Do you repeat a classic such as the Frye Melissa Button Boot, or splurge for the must-have of the moment?

"I like my money where I can see it. Hanging in my closet." -Carrie Bradshaw


Thursday, June 13, 2013

If You Can Make It Here...

As a quintessential girly-girly growing up in a sleepy village outside of Louisville, Kentucky, there are a few key ways I spent my adolescence: playing dress up (which still hasn't ended), talking on the phone for countless hours on a multi-party call (which later evolved with iChat), and trying to make sure I didn't miss a social event. While the last one frequently meant I often inflated the importance of these soirĂ©es in my head (a particular incident comes to mind as far back as 5th grade) long story short, is it really any wonder I wound up on the career track to becoming a publicist?

While nothing is set in stone and my mind tends to stray between television production, corporate communications, non-profit fundraising/events, and hospitality (hotel+ restaurant) PR, I'm extremely content (and excited!) knowing where my skills lie. I've been fortunate enough to intern for a diverse array of companies over the past few years which has led me to my current internship at Linda Gaunt Communications in NYC. Previously, I've interned with non-profits, marketing firms, clothing and lifestyle brands, public relations agencies, and within various on campus departments. Each experience allows me to find out exactly what I like and don't like about that particular field. If you haven't heard it now, listen up, internships are a direct route to finding out what you want to do and essentially, who you want to be. 

Now that I'm settled at LGC and approaching my one month anniversary (already??) at the office, I can hopefully shed some light on Fashion Public Relations and what exactly publicists in NYC do. While there is definitely no average day in Fashion PR, the skills and tasks are core elements that can apply to various other PR positions. I'll break it down into "3's":

Top 3 Duties:
1) Trafficking Samples
2) Clipping/Mocking Up Credits
3) Organizing Showrooms

Top 3 Skills To Have:
1) Time Management
2) "Yes" Attitude
3) Thick Skin

Top 3 Favorite Things I've Done:
1) Packed Up Dresses for Brad Goreski....and Rachel Zoe ;)
2) Overheard Conversations Between Senior Publicists
3) Explored NYC

Overall, it's been quite the whirlwind over the past month and life definitely moves faster in the city but as the old saying goes: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

“I didn't always know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.”  - Diane Von Furstenburg


Review: Stila Liquid Lipstick

One of my favorite things about interning is the occasional freebie. From meals to products, I'm always oozing excitement to receive a little something special at the end of a long work week. My current internship with Linda Gaunt Communications—a strategic marketing and communications agency specializing in fashion, luxury and lifestyle—nailed the perks of working in fashion when the interns were offered free range at the goodie bags from the CFDA awards. A current client of LGC, Stila Cosmetics currently has a line of liquid lipstick out that I have been dying to try. I'm not much of a lipstick girl since the texture has always seemed too heavy to me; I prefer gloss and strictly rely on my old faithful, Chanel Glossimer in 156 Pampille (available here). But after a week or so of admiring the firetruck red "Tesero" in the Stila closet, I was tickled to find it as one of the items up for grabs. Five hours, two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, and a finger-lickin' Chinese meal later, my lips are still crimson.

The feature I love most about the Stila "Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick" is that although it comes in a clear tube and would be assumed to be a sticky, not-good-for-windy-days, hair-attached-to-my-lips, why-do-I-do-this lipgloss: it isn't. Upon application it transcends the gooey texture and becomes a matte lipstick with fabulous color and a no fuss finish. Another amazing feature, upon the usual lip-kissing a kleenex routine nothing came off. I'm serious. Nothing. Came. Off. Perfect for boyfriends who don't want red kiss marks (Hi Al!) or wine glasses that don't need branding. 

I highly suggest anyone looking for the perfect red look no further then the Tesero color, with an orange undertone it pops on fair skin like mine. Considering all the running around this bustling city, air kissing, and non-stop talking PR girls are known for, this lipstick will soon enough be any busy girls BFF.

 Get it while it's hot. 

"Powder your nose, paint your toes. Line your lips and keep 'em closed. Cross your legs, dot your i's. And never let 'em see you cry." -Miranda Lambert


Catching Up: My First Post

Hey y'all! After a few years of creating and maintaing social media applications for various organizations (Alpha Delta Pi, Lilly Pulitzer, College Dems of SC, etc.) I finally bit the bullet and decided to start chronicling my day-to-day escapades. This blog is essentially meant to be a lifestyle blog; sprinkled with how-to's and reviews every so often. I'm planning on posting throughout the next few months as my life flashes between Charleston, South Carolina, New York City, New York, Louisville, Kentucky, and Barcelona, Spain. Join me as I explore life through serendipity.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." -Mae West