Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mastering the Art of Eating

While this post will definitely be seeing some revisions, especially since my Mama is coming next week (read: goodbye pasta everyday for lunch, hello Barcelona's best) I couldn't help myself and had to share some of my favorite meals thus far! People tend to be surprised when I talk about the types of food I've been sampling throughout my semester. Spain is known as a meat-loving country, so it's assumed that I must be into the "Mediterranean diet" of olives...and water. Luckily for me I've found tons of ways to maneuver around red meat in my conquest of hearty and healthy bites. 

When it comes to Catalan cuisine, there are tons and tons, and tons and tons and tons...of carbs. 

There, I said it.

Croissants with fruit, a plethora of pastas, bread with cheese, bread with tomato spread, and pretty much bread with anything lurk at every street corner. As someone who instinctively pushes the bread basket to my sister at restaurants, this has been a major adjustment for me. The little voice inside my head pleads with me not to, but my grumbling stomach nixes those requests. So yes, I've spiraled into Carbo-lona as part of my cultural immersion. 

In an attempts to bring myself back to the light, I've tried to fuse my interest in local restaurants with my desire to eat things I genuinely enjoy. While this usually means spending more euros, I've been able to experience a wide array of cuisines in the process. 

Tapas Cooking Workshop
Barcelona, Spain

Panned and deep fried roll filled with salmon, avocado, onion & cream cheese
Barcelona, Spain 

Salmon Eggs Benedict 
Barcelona, Spain

Salad Nicoise 
Nice, France

Coffee Gelato
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Chicken Burrito
Rosa Negra
Barcelona, Spain

Falafel, Pita, Hummus, Chicken dish 
Al Walah 
Barcelona, Spain

Veggie Omelet
Barcelona, Spain

Nutella & Strawberry Crepe
Barcelona, Spain