Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guest Post: The Rambling Queen & NYC

The glittering image of a New York city skyline reminds me of a plethora of things. Carriage rides around Central Park at Christmas when I was little, getting trapped on Canal St. with my sister as a teenager, and most recently, my full summer enveloped in the heat and bliss. 

One of my favorite memories of the city so far has been the people I've met along the way. Specifically, during my internship at Linda Gaunt Communications I rather quickly developed a girl-crush on Julia Kennedy. She'd teach me about Portland hipsters and I'd try to explain the Lilly Pulitzer Sorority girl. We were both unabashedly pretty weird, and liked it. 

Needless to say, Julia was the driving force behind me starting a blog. Her blog, The Rambling Queen   is one part inspiration, one part op-ed's, with a dash of quirky in all the right ways. For further proof check out her Bachelor recaps. 

As we get ready to head back to New York for Fashion Week 2014, I can't help but share this little manifesto by my favorite Rambling Queen:  

As I suffer from these massive NYC withdrawals, I can't help but turn to every single type of media that can feed my starvation of the Big Apple. No judgement guys, because I have a confession: I have been binge-watching The City. As in, The City with the lovely Whitney Port and the frightening Olivia Palermo.

As I've been watching, I couldn't help but begin to jot down all of the eclectic and super-trendy places that the cast went to grub or party... and inevitably imagine my own (potentially trendy?!) self grubbin' or partying there.

After extensive research (AKA Google, NYmag and Yelp) and a little help from Guidespot, I've thoroughly checked out each and every single place from The City to give you guys the ultimate low-down on the hottest spots from Whitney's show. To our dismay, we can't live out every single experience, as quite a few of the spots they bopped into are now closed. But hey, maybe in the others you'll run into a hottie Australian by the name of Jay...

Bars, Clubs, & Music Venues
Madame Geneva
Brass Monkey - Erin (remember her?) brought Duncan, her Canadian long-distance boyfriend here when he was visiting her for the weekend.
Blind Pig Bar (also called "Bar Arsenal" on the show)
The Cutting Room - Whitney invites the thoroughly uncomfortable Olivia to one of Jay's band's (Tamarama) concerts here, where everyone proceeds to have a good time except the Social.
Closed: Cain Nightclub, The Gates

Brunch Spots & Coffee
Cafeteria - The girls (as in Whit, Erin, Sami, and Allie) get brunch here often during the show. Poor Allie gets the depressing news about her philandering boyfriend Adam here.
Extra Virgin - Whit and Jay rendezvous here in order for Whit to question his sketchy behavior with his ex, Danielle, who he supposedly went home with. Gross. But what an ironic place to question him...
Cornelia Street Cafe
Mojo Coffee - Whit and Roxy grab coffee here in the West Village location, chatting about Olivia's most recent evil plotting against the Whitney Eve Collection.
Closed: Paris Commune

Dinner Spots
Stanton Social - Whitney cleverly gets Jay to consider getting serious with her (FINALLY) when she leaves him hanging, and he's seen here chatting with best bud Adam about why he needs to finally figure his shiz out.
Rogue Tomate
Philip Marie
Fig & Olive - A favorite on The City - you might remember it from when Cobra Starship and Robbie Meyers (editor-in-chief of ELLE) grabbed dinner with Joe Zee (cue awkward encounter with Olivia pretending to enjoy hip-hop and house music... yeah). Also, when Whit finally grows a pair and confronts Olivia about her backstabby-ness, it happens here.
Il Bastardo
Felix Restaurant - Jay breaks the news of his inevitable west coast tour with his band that he must leave for... in 5 days. Um WHAT. No Jay. Just no.
The Diner - Our fave girls grab lunch here while proclaiming, "UGH WE LOVE GREASY DINER FOOD!" Don't we all, ladies. Don't we all.
Lyric Diner - Sami gets the text informing her of Adam's sleazy night with Caterina (who also has a boyfriend). Insert gasps here from Whit, Sami, and Erin.
Closed: Nero, Los Dados


Thank you Ju!


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  1. "We were both unabashedly pretty weird" is most definitely the perfect and most accurate way to describe our best-friendship.

    CAN'T WAIT TO REUNITE FOR NYFW 2014! Starting the countdown... now.